Asterisk Ch. 3,5 + Epilogue

Exciting update!! In the Asterisk volume there was both a special (taking place between ch 3 and 4), as well as an epilogue! We’ve added the pages in their appropriate place, as well as added the cover in chapter 1. This is a good time to reread the series~

You can buy the volume, with worldwide shipping, here!

To download the whole series, go here.
To read chapter 1 online, go here.

To download ch 3.5, go here.
To read ch 3.5 online, go here.

To download the epilogue, go here.
To read the epilogue online, go here~

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Asterisk Volume Release


Asterisk will be released on March 24!

Here is the front and back cover of the volume!
These colors are so nice and the volume looks amazing…

In addition, there’ll be new content!

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Asterisk Ch. 4 (END)

Omg guys, this is it… It’s over TT This is our first completed running series, oh man… We put some words at the end of it. Happy valentines from the team~

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Asterisk Ch.1


We’ve picked up a new series, “Asterisk” by Torino Shino! This is their BL debut. Shino is popular for their well written characters & stories in the Josei genre, like Ohana Holoholo (LGBT+)

Asterisk summary: Private tutor Sawa has unrequited feelings for his student Nitou Nanao. Sawa has decided to love Nanao until he leaves to study abroad, but one day Nanao tells him he’s interested in having sex with him. Not being able to refuse him, they delve into a special relationship.

You can download it here

Or you can read it online here

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