we forgot to make an actual post about this So since we’re expanding on more mangas and the workload intensifies with it we’re in need of more members! We’re currently looking for:

Japanese Translator – Working together with Karen to translate more quickly (whole chapter, half a chapter, a few random pages, etc can be decided by yourself).
Japanese Proofreader – Checking for errors/helping out on sentences that were hard to translate (not to be confused with english proof, that’s optional)
Cleaners – Cleaning the scans, having prior basic photoshop knowledge is needed if you haven’t cleaned before.
Quality Checker – Checking the finished chapter for overall mistakes (spelling, grammar, alignment, etc).

No experience is needed, we can teach you as we go ^^ Your workload is decided by yourself. If you’re curious about what mangakas we like (so you know what kind of work will be expected) you can send a message, as well as any other questions =)
It’s okay to apply just to try it out for a chapter or two as well, we know stuff in life is always temporary so any help is still help~

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