I was gonna suggest Ousama Ni Kiss, I’m don’t think it fits y’alls taste but I thought I’d suggest it anyways because it’s really cute. I don’t think it’s licensed but I think the previous group dropped it (maybe)

Sorry, you’re right! We’re not really into the “yaoi artstyle” at all, even if the story is really good… I’ve read plenty good stories with that style but it kinda ruins it for me enough to not wanna work on one ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”

Thanks for the suggestion though! ^^

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Hey! I recently read what was available of a series that might be up your alley, Shiro no Koro by Mita Ori. One volume, only two chapters translated, last release over two years ago. Very sweet and realistic relationship.

Thank you for suggesting it to us! And haha you’re absolutely right, we had actually talked about wanting to work on it before but decided against it since it was already a joint project.

However since one of the groups are disbanded now and u reminded me, I asked bunny’s and we decided to do a joint on it, so yep! We’ll work on it ^^ 

As a note to everyone, we’re always super happy with suggestions, since it’s hard to find good manga… We like realistic characters and/or unique settings. Even if we don’t pick up the suggestion we would still be super grateful for getting it~

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I recently got into Itoshi No Nekokke and wanted to thank you guys for working on it! I’m so excited to see the next specials, especially the one about Pon-Chan and Hino tbh :D (I actually wasn’t expecting there to be a special about them originally but then y’all said there was so now I’m pumped)

Good! Nekokke is so amazing. I love it so much.
Yea the specials are really exciting since it focuses on side characters and like they all have some interesting story about their life.

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We made a discord server!
Invite: https://discord.gg/zpUnmus

This server is optional, and won’t change how we post on tumblr. Since emails are a hassle & people showed interest in this, we’re going with this instead ^^

  • Get notified whenever we post a chapter or make an annoucement. You can mute everything else and just have this update feature.
  • Chat with other readers. We’ve set up 4 different text channels for readers to converse in.
  • Participate in polls & get extra info. When something is really big we post it on the blogs, but this way we can also notify on smaller things, like an artist going on a break for two months or perhaps some future plans. We can also hold polls on smaller matters.

Discord is either a computer program or a phone app, so use whichever your preferred way of getting notified is~

As you enter, a bot will message you with instructions on how to proceed.

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hi, thanks for all the hard work! i hope this doesn’t come across as annoying, but are you by any chance still working on ten ten shiro shiro? this manga just haunts me, and i have so many questions when it comes to it. i wonder how the story ends.

No worries, and yup! In Japan TTSS is released once every 6 months. Our schedule on it is pretty loose, sometimes we may post it earlier and sometime around the “real” schedules time. TTSS is being worked on rn, so it’ll be included in this rotation ^^ 

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@shelbanuadh @megumi-ji This would be purely supplementary (and 100% optional) to our regular posting on Tumblr, not replace it ^^

@gwkimmy I do sometimes, sometimes not… I stopped once I noticed it’s what online reader sites use to keep track of us, and it at least took a few days for them if we didn’t use it, but then some ass decided to start posting it for us << so now I just add it if i feel like it, it’s gonna be added super fast anyways…

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Discord updates interest check

I’ve been mulling over how to send chapter notifications the past few weeks (both ets and sss), and came to the conclusion that discord may actually be the best way. I’ve been working on creating one the past few days…

So the pros would be easy for me (email takes s o much effort), and you’d be able to talk about the recent chapter with others who read it too if that’s of interest… (altho it will be a chapter/series focused discord, not off-topic chats).

The con would be that to be notified, you need to have either the discord computer program or the phone app. You can mute everything else so it’s just chapter updates, but the program or app is needed to get them in the first place, so a bit more inconvenient for users than email. But you would get a lil red dot on there every time we’ve updated a chapter, which is a lot better than nothing, I think!

No point in doing it if nobody is interested tho, so please leave a like on this post if you think you’d use it! ^^ 

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