3 Ban Sen no Campanella by Kyouyama Atsuki Ch. 1


New title!! We’ve been wanting to start on this forever, so we’re excited to finally be able to bring it to you!

Summary: Traumatized and depressed by an old breakup, Kanou has a chance encounter with a young high school student that saves his life in a small, but profound way.
Inspired by the vitality of youth, will Kanou take the leap to find love for himself again, and most importantly, will Kanou learn to love himself? Find out in this riveting new series, 3 Ban Sen no Campanella!

Warnings: Depression & mentions of suicide.

As a side note, for those of you who are worrying that it’s an adult x high schooler kind of BL, you don’t really need to worry. As of the latest released chapter in Japan, the kid does not seem to be a romantic interest (wow ikr). This is ongoing however, so we can’t 100% guarantee that won’t change! But I’m not really worried about it~

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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We’re picking up Bokura no Shokutaku! Its an adorable series with a kid aND cooking!! I hope yall are as excited as we are!!! (Edit* Yes, we have talked with hoshi about it~)

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I replied privately so they’d get it in their inbox but I wanted to do it publically so… Props to mangadex!

^ Generally this applies to all sites that has a policy to respect and listen to scan groups. Stuff like this makes us rly happy… If you upload our content to places like mrm tho you’re a shit, and we’re just annoyed by it.

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Thanks for all the great manga you’ve been bringing to your readers! We definitely appreciate all the hard work you guys put in ^.^ It always brightens my day when I see an update :D have you guys ever thought of picking up any of ido gihous works?

We would love to one day! ^^ She’s done some really interesting series. We did look up at some point for another series of hers that would fit us, so there’s a high chance if that does happen we will pick it up.

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Thanks for the hard work! I was wondering if you would be interested in picking up Ohayou to Oyasumi to Sono Ato ni by Hamada Kamome. It hasn’t been updated in over a year, and I’ve always thought it’s a really sweet story. Anyway, thanks again!

I read it and found it super cute! We’ll keep our eyes on it for sure, but since one volume is already translated it does lower it’s chances… But it is for sure the slice of life goodness we usually go for o /

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We want to increase the amount of projects we can do at one time, so we decided to recruit in, well, everything… So! We’re looking for a lot more people to join our team. Below there’s what we’re looking for as well as a description.

Experience/knowledge is not needed (other than for cleaning), but either way you’ll either have to do a test to show where you’re at or send in a sample of previous work. Please be aware that no matter what you apply for doing this takes time. While we don’t ask of anyone to work on something they don’t have the time/effort for, you have to join with the expectation that it’s not just 10 minutes of work for a chapter…

JP proofreaders

Checks over what our translators struggled with. Has to be JLPT2 or higher! No need for perfect English.

ENG proofreaders

Need to be fluent in the English language. Good w grammar and finding mistakes. Also good at reconstructing sentences to make them flow better.


Previous experience OR enough editing knowledge to know you’re good at it required! (Sad to say it takes too much time so we can’t teach newbies).


Typesetters will get their typesets heavily edited to make all chapters look exactly the same as all our other stuff (so for consistency reasons). Pls don’t apply if you’re not comfortable with that!

You can either apply through messaging here, on discord (DM nai or karen), or email [email protected] ^^

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