We really need cleaners!

Since we’re really, really in need of cleaners rn we don’t require former experience. So anyone who wanna learn how to do it is free to message us about it o /
Teaching is a lot of investment, so it’s important that these doesn’t sound bothersome: Cleaning takes a lot of time! In it’s nature, cleaning takes time, even with our system where you can always cancel or decline a project. It’s not an hour per chapter… It’s also very repetitive work. If any of these two bothers you cleaning is not for you!
When I clean it’s more like getting cozy with music and working in photoshop for a few hours at a time…

If you’re interested please message us via email: entwinedtrees@gmail.com or message me (nai) on discord!

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Tumblr down!

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Our tumblr is going down at a very rapid pace rn, reader is already unavailable, it’s dash-only… For now…
So, any reader links under this post is unavailable! Please go to Projects > on-going for working ones. I’ve updated them to mangadex for now, until we’ve made a new reader… aa…

Edit* We’ve made a new reader! All posts above this post will have reader links like usual.

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3 Ban Sen no Campanella Ch. 2


Here’s 3ban ch 2! Hope you enjoy!
I feel like I need to put a reminder that this is not a romance between the adult and the highschooler. More like just following a depressed & traumatized guys thoughts. So don’t worry about that o /

Mediafire is bugging rn, so download links will be done on google drive. You click “Download all” in the corner to download the whole chapter.

You can download it here,
or read it online here!

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Covers for Yoake ni Furu, vol 1& 2 are out! They get released on december 19th! Once they get released, you can buy them here for volume 1 and here for volume 2~

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Tumblrs new policy

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So… Since Tumblr sucks we’ve considered moving and well… Tbh I hate wordpress so much, so fuck it. We’ll move there as a last resort.

We really recommend joining our discord server!

in case our blog goes poof. We’re marked so I’m expecting someone to manually check our blog sooner or later… Here’s the invite link! (You’ll get a PM with instructions on how to join).

If our blog gets deleted we may release chapters on discord only until we’ve come up with a solution/new site.

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New recruitment page! We’re looking for more people to join!

We’re now also looking for cleaners! (We got enough people asking to typeset, thank you and welcome to new members!). we want to fully expand the group. We have lots of cute manga we wanna get to doing (look at that boooy), but we’re currently at max capacity…
If you’re interested you can email us at entwinedtrees@gmail.com or send an ask/IM here on tumblr! Or even contact us through discord~

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