Itsuka Tomodachi ja Nakunaru to Shite mo Special (sneak release!)


We got a request from our typesetter jeylup to complete this manga by Kasai Uka, which only had a special not released yet. Since the group who had it is disbanded, we thought why not?
It’s a really cute manga about two best friends falling in love, with lots of family & fluffiness!

Since this is only a special for the end of the series we decided to just sneak release it on mangadex (so it’s together with the rest of the manga). That means that’s the only place you can read it atm. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out! and if you have, enjoy~

You can find the special & the rest of the manga on mangadex here.

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Itoshi no Nekokke Special 4


Here’s nekokke, the 4th special! This special seems to be taking place before the heart to heart discussion the two had, when mii was at his lowest. We hope you’re all are excited to get back to the main story since that’s close now. Enjoy~

You can download it here,
or read it online here!

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Gesshoku Kitan is available now!


Gesshoku Kitan by Syundei is available in a physical English release by Seven Seas Entertainment! You can find retailers here! 
It’s ISBN is 978-1-642750-40-9, you can most likely order it at your local bookstore as well!

It’s been a really long time since we had to drop this due to licensing, but now it’s finally out! I hope people are excited to read the continuation! To support Syundei & the continuation of books like this getting licensed, buy a new book rather than a used one ❤️

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First streaming video!

When we posted the latest sweet side chapter I was supposed to link it, but I ofc totally forgot, but here it is! Very very late!

Find the video here
(you gotta click the lil expand thingy in the top-right corner of the video to get it to become bigger)

Some important notes: When we record it’s mostly gonna be for teaching purposes, HOWEVER in this case you shouldn’t do most of what I do… At all…

This video contains me typesetting & proofing sweet side. Normally you do one or the other, so it gets a bit weird. And my former mouse was broken so I couldn’t copy the text very well (typesetter tip: copy the text p l s)
AND this is a mid-proof. Usually it goes like this:
Translation > JP proof > mid-proof > proper proof by 2 people. (yes we go through the text with 5 people! we love quality!)
So mid-proof is only really for tone, flow, punctuation… and stuff. Not grammar or… whatever ppl good at English do. So don’t hit me because the Eng isn’t perfect… And you probably shouldn’t ref this if you’re in a group where proofing doesn’t work like this.
(I’m a great teacher ik)

Future streaming vids will be put on the chapter posts themselves, like this should have been~

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Ai to Hanaji by Shiomi Rose Ch. 1-2.5


Starting off 2019 right with a big super fluffy surprise project! Here’s the full story of LOVE and nosebleed, chapter 1, 2, and the 2.5 extra! This is the first story in the volume Ai to Hanaji, we’ll be releasing the second story with our usual rotation.

We’ve completely fallen in love with Shiomi Roses art and stories, so we’re hoping to do many more projects by her!

Rating: R-18
Summary: Lovers Aoba and Mano have finally moved their relationship to the next level. However, just as it gets steamy, things get complicated. Will they ever resolve their problems and see it through to the end?

You can start reading ch.1 online here,
or download all chapters here.

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Dropping Yoake ni Furu,

We’re sad to say we’re dropping Yoake ni Furu,!

Truth is, when we decided to pick this series up it was because of its prior wholesomeness, and the authors record of well written stories.

We were as in the dark about the future as you guys. But now we’ve read the entire thing, and it’s just… not good. It may look like they’re handling the sexual assault well and realistically in the latest chapter we posted, but it’s not the case at all. Overall it’s just kinda disgusting, and disappointing.

Spoiler Daiki never apologizes, insisting that it’s not his fault. As well as being overall super creepy with saying Shouta should only laugh for him, cry for him, take responsibility, etc. It’s gross. Shouta is scared of him(?) but decides out of the blue that he likes him anyways, despite flinching when Daiki forcefully holds him and trying to say stop as he forces a kiss. Kinda like those bl where the dude gets raped and then sees it as the beginning of a romance. Again, it’s all kinda just gross. End spoiler

It’s not what we were hoping from this series, and with a year left to work on it we decided it’s not worth all that commitment when there’s mangas out there we like better.

You’re free to agree/disagree with our choice, but in the end, if we don’t like something it’s going to feel like a chore to work on it. Quality would slip and we’d dislike our own work. I hope, even if you’re disappointed and disagree, that you’ll at least understand.

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