Kimi to Ishin Denshin! Ch. 4

After 50 years here’s denshin! We somehow survived another chapter!! I thought I’d have to cut myself from the credit page cause there just wasn’t room, but there was 1 spot left so I could still join 😂 (EDIT: nope nvm out I go, we were so many working on this that I missed one omg) This series is our biggest team effort!! Since it’s been a while, you can read the previous chapter here~

Warning: This chapter is so cute you might die instead tho 

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Entwined trees is looking for 2 new Quality Checkers! (English proofreaders)

If you’re really good at English and got some time over to help us with proofing, please use this test to apply~

Please contact us either through tumblr, discord, or email at [email protected]

Note!! that we never know how many people interested we’re gonna get, so it’s possible you won’t join despite putting time into doing the test! you can however still use it as an example to apply to other groups, if that’s the case! 🙏

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A plus if you enjoy fibbling around in photoshop, and find drawing & detailed work to be something fun! Please contact us either through discord, tumblr, or our email [email protected] if you’re wondering anything or is interested~

The gif was done with a mouse! Despite me owning a tablet too! I just find the mouse easier, it’s really up to personal preference. So a tablet absolutely not a requirement!
This is a DIFFICULT example, as a redrawer you’ll be doing medium to difficult ones~

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