Hi! Thank you very much, both for Itoshi no Nekokke (which I love and I was missing a lot) and Harukaze (because it’s one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read lately <3 ) And now I've got a (few) question… Do you know the contents of the Marugoto Nekokke Tribute Book? Is it short stories or info about the manga or something different…? And will you be working on it? :D Thank you!!

Hi, thank you for the question!

We might? We haven’t decided yet…  At least as of right now, there’s no plans for it but who knows in the future. If my budget allows I might buy it with my next big manga order so we at least have the scans (at the end of july). Not sure tho since ill be buying a lot and my ass is poor, so if not it’ll have to wait ‘til another time. 
Since neither of us owns it yet we don’t know the contents, but my best guess would be it’d be similar to the tribute book you get with volume 5, where it’s a mix of standalone art pieces, comics & messages from other mangakas =)

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my emotions have been tugged around so much with itoshi no nekokke being picked up then dropped again lol. i was there for the endless years when it seemed like no one would finish it after jmanga shut down. i’m overjoyed yet again that someone has started it again! and you do a great job, thank you!

Man that sucks! We certainly have no intention of dropping it :> thank you~
If anyone’s curious, we’ll try (emphasis on the try lbr) to match the pace of the magazines with one chapter a month for now (magazine releases 2 chapters every 2 months)

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Hello! What is the manga on the header of your mobile blog called? The art is beautiful! And also, I’m so glad you picked up Itoshi no Nekokke!

The characters are actually from Itoshi no Nekokke~
For the release of the 5th volume, some artists collaborated to draw the mc’s from Itoshi no Nekokke. The artist who drew the header is Kii Kanna who we actually translate her series on our other scan group.

No problem~ The series is too good to not pick up~

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In light of wanting to expand on other manga, we decided to open up a separate scan group from the Kii Kanna one~

Currently we’ll only be working on Itoshi no Nekokke, but in time we’ll pick up more titles. This won’t be a BL specific group (even though it’ll prob be mostly BL), we might also pick up a josei or GL in the future. We’ll focus on good manga and won’t restrict ourselves.

Since we’re newly created and sparse on members we’re recruiting a Japanese Proofreader, Editor and a Quality Checker. If you’d like to apply or know more about a position just send a message~

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