Hello! I found your group by chance and I would really like to read your projects but when I tried to click on read online it just takes me back to this blog. D: I’m on mobile if that helps. Please help you look like a awesome group and i wanna read. T-T

Thank you! ^^ Dunno if it’ll help, but try going to your webbrowser on the phone and type in entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/(first letter of the series name)01

So like for hoshi it’d be: entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/h01
You can also check if the links work in: entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/directory

The whole blog redirect thing should be a tumblr app thing (tumblr love to make things difficult), but I can’t really test it out myself since I don’t have the same issue on my phone…

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Did you guys get permission from acme to re-scanlate Ten Ten Shiro Shiro? It’s usually common courtesy among groups to ask before taking over a project.

Haha yup we’re a group so we know that… Treat others as you wanna be treated yourself yakno

We sent an email to them about taking it over (since it’s been well over a year with no updates or mentions of picking it up as a series).
We waited 1 month for a reply to make sure we gave them time, but no response. I thought I might have worded it badly (english is not my first language) so I sent them a second one asking more directly and saying we did not want to snatch any projects etc. I also included that if there was no response we’d have to take it as a yes.

We gave them an additional month (almost) to respond to that but no response, so we went ahead with the project. They recently listed their publication in the BL database as a completed oneshot as well and we included a text in there that we were waiting for their response… Doubt there’s a problem here, unless there’s something wrong with the contact info on their website!

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Ten Ten Shiro Shiro Ch. 1

Here’s chapter one of Ten Ten Shiro Shiro by Hayakawa Nojiko! This chapter has already been translated before, but since we’ll be picking up the series beyond chapter one we decided to redo this one so we could put it in the reader and have the fonts match and such~

Warning: This series is about a boy who is being sexually abused in his home. While the R-18 scenes are pretty subtle, the series is centered around his life.
Summary: Masato, the adopted child of the Kuwabara household has always been surrounded by prosperity. One day, the master of the family brought home a child named Kenta, saying he resembles him as a child. As Masato is drowned by feelings of having served his purpose, his concern for the masters emotional affection towards Kenta grows.

You can download it here,

or read it on our online reader here!

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Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru Ch. 1


Here’s the first chapter of Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru by Furuya Nagisa! Enjoy~

Chapter summary: Terrible things happening in succession has college student Sora down, leading him to get lost on his way home. When he tries to find his way back, he accidentally stumbles upon a man gazing at the stars. As they chat, a connection between them starts to form.

You can download it here,

or read it on our online reader here.

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Cleaner needed!

So we got a lot of great new people from the last recruitment post (being updated on the “about” page as they get comfy) but we’re still lacking a few cleaners. Redrawing is included in this position ^^
This time around we’re looking for people who have cleaned manga from a completely raw scanned page to a finished one before, or already know how it’s done somewhat.

To apply, please clean this page (900px width, no need to clean shop signs), and send the download link to the psd via the submit or ask/IM. If you have any questions, whether it be about the position or how it is being part of the group, feel free to ask~

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