Hi! I just wanted to make a post to say the next chap of Asterisk & Hoshi will be a little late this time. Not by much, but a little! Vacations, illnesses, the tragic death of a computer, personal things etc has all contributed to us not being able to work at normal speed the past 1-2 months.
But rest assured they are being worked on rn & is up next on the posting schedule, thank you for your patience~

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Onborobachi by Syundei Ch. 1


We’re super excited to bring you a new project, Onborobachi by Syundei! This is a very new manga that just started being published in jp magazines 🙂 Extra shoutout to our cleaner @madamesyaoi for doing such a great job with the redraws this chap! **

Let us know what you think!

Summary: The accidental meeting on that rainy day started everything… Koutarou keeps running into his old classmate from elementary school, Kaneo. Upon being ignored the first few times, Kaneo finally tells him to never talk to him again. What will happen between the two?

You can download it here,

or read it online here.

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Out of all your projects, which one is your favorite? Mine is Nekokke 😍

Nai: If we only count ETS (so no harukaze) then it’d be Nekokke as well! Asterisk is also rly precious to me bc of the author… I’m also really endeared toward the next project we’ll start! Tho Nekokke is the clear fave since it’s like my 5th fave bl overall.

Karen: Harukaze will always be my number 1 but with the works inside ETS, I love nekokke but gesshoku is unique and I also love that.

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Like you’ll see on the latest Nekokke chap from now on we’re gonna add our credit/recruitment pages onto our reader for a short time. I’ll try to delete them before the next chap is up so they’re not there for ppl who reread the series…

We don’t want to have them there but online reader sites take the chaps from our own reader sometimes, which leaves our credit page out 🙁 We don’t really know how else to solve this…

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Is ten ten shiro shiro a tragedy? I want to read it but I have a weak heart to sad things 😭😭😭

I don’t know if you’re referring to the tone in general or the ending being sad or not, but;
We don’t know the ending since it’s ongoing, but if it turns out to be sad don’t expect us to spoil it… Just like HP doesn’t come with a “PS: Dumbledore dies but it turns out fine” at the back of the books no spoilers will come from us.

For the general tone, I think you can decide that for yourself from the first chapter. It’s about a minor that’s being sexually abused by his own family, so it is set in a very ominous setting. When you read stories as heavy as that you gotta expect it to go either way. Hope that helps somewhat!

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