On-going projects


Onborobachi ! Hiatus !

download / read online
Rating: 18+
Artist: Syundei
Summary: The accidental meeting on that rainy day started everything… Koutarou keeps running into his old classmate from elementary school, Kaneo. Upon being ignored the first few times, Kaneo finally tells him to never talk to him again. What will happen between the two?


Kimi to Ishin Denshin!

download / read online
Rating: 18+
Artist: Yamano Deko
Summary: High school student Saika has psychic abilities, and is constantly tormented by people’s thoughts. However, after he makes a friend, who happens to be in love with him, he finds it’s not all that bad.


Inoue-kun Hajimemasen ka

download / read online
Rating: Fluff
Artist: Fujitobi
Collab with u8scans!
Summary: After being saved twice from an asthma attack, first year student Inoue falls in love with Karasuma, a boy who’s not interested in love. After being rejected several times, Inoue recieves warnings that Karasuma is a dangerous person… but will that change his feelings?


Itoshi no Nekokke

download / read online
Rating: 18+
Artist: Haruko Kumota
Summary: After the heart wrenching prequel Itoshi no Nekokee: Otaru Hen, Kei-chan and Mii-kun are navigating their relationship in the depths of a new life in Tokyo. As the pair of lovers are becoming acquainted with one another and their true feelings, their alone time keeps getting interrupted by Mii-kun’s quirky neighbors. There are many obstacles the two must face, including one that will test if they can become true lovers after all!


Ten Ten Shiro Shiro

download / read online
Rating: 18+
Artist: Hayakawa Nojiko
Summary: Masato, the adopted child of the Kuwabara household has always been surrounded by prosperity. One day, the master of the family brought home a child named Kenta, saying he resembles him as a child. As Masato is drowned by feelings of having served his purpose, his concern for the masters emotional affection towards Kenta grows.


Mihanada Pectolite

download / read online
Rating: 18+
Artist: Nayuta Nago
Summary: Top students Kawase and  Kurihara have been locked in an intense rivalry since the start of high school, unbeknownst to Kawase. No matter how hard Kurihara studies, he can’t seem to take the top spot. Kawase, taken aback by Kurihara’s hostile and self-damaging behavior, becomes determined to help him in any way he can.

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