Hi, how are you? I was wondering… I thought for some reason that the 5th volume of Itoshi no Nekokke was the last one but in mangaupdates says it’s ongoing so there will be a 6th one or the next will be a sort of spin-off, sequel.. sorry I’m confused :/ If you can enlight me it will be great. Thanks for the excellent work you do. ?

Hi, we’re good! Honestly we don’t know, since we’re not keeping track of the current releases. We’re doing the specials rn, which was released after vol 5. But since the stories in them are related to pre-vol. 5, we decided to go with them first. Once we’re working on vol. 5 we’ll get more up to date on it’s status :’) But yeah, the latest thing nekokke was released in dec 2017, one of the specials! There haven’t been any new nekokke chaps since they started releasing the specials.

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