Hello! I found your group by chance and I would really like to read your projects but when I tried to click on read online it just takes me back to this blog. D: I’m on mobile if that helps. Please help you look like a awesome group and i wanna read. T-T

Thank you! ^^ Dunno if it’ll help, but try going to your webbrowser on the phone and type in entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/(first letter of the series name)01

So like for hoshi it’d be: entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/h01
You can also check if the links work in: entwinedtrees.tumblr.com/directory

The whole blog redirect thing should be a tumblr app thing (tumblr love to make things difficult), but I can’t really test it out myself since I don’t have the same issue on my phone…

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