We made a discord server!
Invite: https://discord.gg/zpUnmus

This server is optional, and won’t change how we post on tumblr. Since emails are a hassle & people showed interest in this, we’re going with this instead ^^

  • Get notified whenever we post a chapter or make an annoucement. You can mute everything else and just have this update feature.
  • Chat with other readers. We’ve set up 4 different text channels for readers to converse in.
  • Participate in polls & get extra info. When something is really big we post it on the blogs, but this way we can also notify on smaller things, like an artist going on a break for two months or perhaps some future plans. We can also hold polls on smaller matters.

Discord is either a computer program or a phone app, so use whichever your preferred way of getting notified is~

As you enter, a bot will message you with instructions on how to proceed.

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