Dropping Yoake ni Furu,

We’re sad to say we’re dropping Yoake ni Furu,!

Truth is, when we decided to pick this series up it was because of its prior wholesomeness, and the authors record of well written stories.

We were as in the dark about the future as you guys. But now we’ve read the entire thing, and it’s just… not good. It may look like they’re handling the sexual assault well and realistically in the latest chapter we posted, but it’s not the case at all. Overall it’s just kinda disgusting, and disappointing.

Spoiler Daiki never apologizes, insisting that it’s not his fault. As well as being overall super creepy with saying Shouta should only laugh for him, cry for him, take responsibility, etc. It’s gross. Shouta is scared of him(?) but decides out of the blue that he likes him anyways, despite flinching when Daiki forcefully holds him and trying to say stop as he forces a kiss. Kinda like those bl where the dude gets raped and then sees it as the beginning of a romance. Again, it’s all kinda just gross. End spoiler

It’s not what we were hoping from this series, and with a year left to work on it we decided it’s not worth all that commitment when there’s mangas out there we like better.

You’re free to agree/disagree with our choice, but in the end, if we don’t like something it’s going to feel like a chore to work on it. Quality would slip and we’d dislike our own work. I hope, even if you’re disappointed and disagree, that you’ll at least understand.

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    1. flo

      First, thank you so much for the amazing work you’ve done with the series!!! Sadly, from the moment Daiki did that I knew where it was all headed to…. thanks for the spoiler, I understand and support the decision to drop it. My baby Shouta deserved better ;;

  1. Xi Jie

    I would have never expected Hayakawa Nojiko to write this type of stories… I totally understand and support your decision; thank you for taking the time to explain it.

  2. necroangel11

    I haven’t read to the point that be bad yet. However, I understand your point of view to drop. Scanlation is hard work, so do as the one you like. Anyway. Is this title can be bought in e-book format? I can’t find it. I want to read it through the end myself (I can translate but really really really slow). Thank you

    1. entwinedtrees

      It seems it’s only available physically so the only way it seems would just be to buy the physical copies.

  3. H.B.

    Thank you for updates. It does sound a bit slimy and well icky.

  4. meodien1812

    Thanks for the spoilers. I did sense that the ending wouldn’t be so beautiful since their feeling somehow was not clicked, but winding up with the typical rape is out of my imagination.

  5. Suo

    ehhh daiki .. sorry but i never liked this guy and then he go and assaults shouta in a moment where shouta is very sad wtf.. i read this story bc of shouta and his love for his hoshino hah shouta acts so cute when he’s with him and shouta has grown to be very pretty and such a good boy but then nojiko sensei do this to him like he deserves a guy that loves him and dont act like a prick.

  6. hikari

    Hi I know it’s been a while but I have just started reading the manga and I’m disheartened to hear that the ending wasn’t really satisfying. However I really want to find out what happened between Hoshino and Shouta on that day he went to Daiki’s place 🙁 I’m way more invested in their relationship than Daiki and Shouta’s haha

  7. zeri

    I’m very late to this because I re-read the translated part just now because I love the artstyle and hoped for it to be a good story… Thank you for the work you did and saying how bad it gets… This is not what I want to support in stories and I am glad that you took the time to explain the reason.

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