Discord updates interest check

I’ve been mulling over how to send chapter notifications the past few weeks (both ets and sss), and came to the conclusion that discord may actually be the best way. I’ve been working on creating one the past few days…

So the pros would be easy for me (email takes s o much effort), and you’d be able to talk about the recent chapter with others who read it too if that’s of interest… (altho it will be a chapter/series focused discord, not off-topic chats).

The con would be that to be notified, you need to have either the discord computer program or the phone app. You can mute everything else so it’s just chapter updates, but the program or app is needed to get them in the first place, so a bit more inconvenient for users than email. But you would get a lil red dot on there every time we’ve updated a chapter, which is a lot better than nothing, I think!

No point in doing it if nobody is interested tho, so please leave a like on this post if you think you’d use it! ^^ 

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