Did you guys get permission from acme to re-scanlate Ten Ten Shiro Shiro? It’s usually common courtesy among groups to ask before taking over a project.

Haha yup we’re a group so we know that… Treat others as you wanna be treated yourself yakno

We sent an email to them about taking it over (since it’s been well over a year with no updates or mentions of picking it up as a series).
We waited 1 month for a reply to make sure we gave them time, but no response. I thought I might have worded it badly (english is not my first language) so I sent them a second one asking more directly and saying we did not want to snatch any projects etc. I also included that if there was no response we’d have to take it as a yes.

We gave them an additional month (almost) to respond to that but no response, so we went ahead with the project. They recently listed their publication in the BL database as a completed oneshot as well and we included a text in there that we were waiting for their response… Doubt there’s a problem here, unless there’s something wrong with the contact info on their website!

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