We’re almost always searching for new members!

Cleaners: Open! We’re very tight on cleaners so we’re urgently looking! Former experience is required. Photoshop (or topaz PSDs) is a must! Please include a sample when you contact us.

Typesetters: Closed! Former experience is preferable, but not a must. Basic knowledge of photoshop is a must. If you have former experience please include a sample.

Quality Checkers: Closed! Good grasp of the English language is a must. Being a QC means checking everything that has to do with language; spelling, grammar, sentence flow, etc. Please contact us and we’ll send you a test.

JP Proofreaders: Closed! Being a JP proofreader means you look over what our translators struggled with and correct/add. You might also look over the chapter briefly to spot any translation errors. For JP proof we require that you’re either native or is at JLPT N2 and above.

JP Translators: Closed! Simply put, you translate… A proofreader will always go over your work, and we have other translators to help you if there’s anything you struggle with. For translation we require that you’re either native or at JLPT N3 and above.

We do allow retranslation, but you need to buy & use your own raws. We do not accept the use of free raws found online.

Exception to this rule is Itoshi no Nekkoke & Kimi to Ishin Denshin!

Please do not message us asking for permission, as I’m writing this we get 10+ requests every time we post a new project, often multiple times in the same language (as long as the rules are met we do not set a limit on who can work on what). 

The answer here is no, we won’t tell you when the next chapter comes out. We loosely follow a routine, so if you go back in our history you’ll see a pattern on our releases. With that you can figure out when xx is being released.

We generally don’t give out spoilers. Even when we put warnings we try to spoil as little as possible.

We’ll never drop something without announcing it.

We love suggestions! So ask away. We’ll be pretty upfront if we won’t/will take it, or if we’ll think about it~

We don’t only translate BL, but generally we’ll do LGBT works. We won’t do het romance. But GL/BL/Josei or simple non-romance stories are all a possibility!

When you join our discord you’ll get a private message (so go look in your PMs) from a BOT with instructions on how to join.

Generally, all manga we scanlate will be on CDjapan if it has a volume out. This site has cheap prices and worldwide shipping, so it’s our recommended site! Search either the title of the series, or the authors name to find the mangas.

Some of our mangas are still being published in magazines, chapter by chapter, so we recommend waiting until their volume has come out.