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Rating: 18+
Artist: Torino Shino
Summary: Private tutor Sawa has unrequited feelings for his student Nitou Nanao. Sawa has decided to love Nanao until he leaves to study abroad, but one day Nanao tells him he’s interested in having sex with him. Not being able to refuse him, they delve into a special relationship.


Shishunki na Omaera no Muda na Doryoku

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Rating: 16+
Artist: Syundei
Two chapters.
Summary: There’s a new game in Bossa’s class.
The only objective is to make your opponent hard. Will Bossa be able to escape the game?


Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru

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Rating: Fluff
Artist: Furuya Nagisa
Summary: Terrible things happening in succession has college student Sora down, leading him to get lost on his way home. When he tries to find his way back, he accidentally stumbles upon a man gazing at the stars. As they chat, a connection between them starts to form.



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Rating: Fluff
Artist: Syundei
Summary: It's a short BL oneshot about two boys who switch bodies with two of the girls in their class.

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