Is ten ten shiro shiro a tragedy? I want to read it but I have a weak heart to sad things 😭😭😭

I don’t know if you’re referring to the tone in general or the ending being sad or not, but;
We don’t know the ending since it’s ongoing, but if it turns out to be sad don’t expect us to spoil it… Just like HP doesn’t come with a “PS: Dumbledore dies but it turns out fine” at the back of the books no spoilers will come from us.

For the general tone, I think you can decide that for yourself from the first chapter. It’s about a minor that’s being sexually abused by his own family, so it is set in a very ominous setting. When you read stories as heavy as that you gotta expect it to go either way. Hope that helps somewhat!

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With the next chapter we’ll complete Itoshi no Nekokke volume 4, and after that we intend to translate the special chapters before starting on volume 5. So yep, we will be working on them~

Vol. 4 concludes with some extra goodies which we’ll release with the next chapter as well! o /

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Comments on the reader!


We’ve udated the reader so it now has a comments box! I’ve added it to the new Gesshoku Kitan chapter and a few more, but other than that it’ll be added to our new releases here on out. We understand some might go to reader sites like mangago, mrm, etc for the comment sections alone (it is def our main source of feedback for our work), so we hope this might encourage a few to start using our own reader instead.

I made it so you can be anonymous if you want to ^^

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vallistafujoshi replied to your postGesshoku Kitan by Syundei Ch. 1

@entwinedtrees when i press the link to read online sends me to this page again ��

Tumblr hates links, open it in a new tab if tumblr is redirecting you… Alternatively go to our blog and add /g01 to the url to get to the page if it’s still being stubborn, but opening in a new tab should fix it!

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Typesetter spot open!

So we decided to take in one more typesetter. If you’re interested in this position, send a message either here or on our email at [email protected] ^^

So we can switch typesetters between projects tho, the ones who are interested will need to be able to typeset (or is okay with learning) like we already do. I don’t want it to be noticeable when there’s a typesetter switch on the same project, so only people who are okay with this should apply. Examples is here & here. I’ll go into more detail on that to whoever is interested~

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