recontm replied to your postKimi to Ishin Denshin! by Yamano Deko Ch. 1

Oh wow! Thanks for doing this one! I never thought a group will pick this up as it’s literally Scanlation Hell (TL + typesetting): The Series.

Ahhahaha you know a hilarious thing that happened while I was uploading it onto the reader was discovering that the pages were in the wrong size, so I had to resize them all, which turns out it made the text too small, so I had to resize all text… all of it… just now……. yall better love it to pieces ( ‘́⌣’̀)

But yeah this is a really difficult project! I don’t think we can keep a steady release schedule for it like our other ones… It’s cute tho~

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I’m loving onborobachi so much. The artwork with its city lights ‘n bikes aesthetic, and the seemingly dark story juxtaposed with the sunny main character. Can’t wait to see how the two charas’ relationship develops (…or not?) Thanks for your hard work and awesome scanslations.

this is a super late response bc I thought we answered this oops Thank youu! We’re super happy about onborobachi as well, it does give u all those aesthetic vibes… Excited for how it’ll develop!

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Wow, I’m so agree with you guys! This was so hearwarming and the mature shit I need to read in BL. Well developed, realistic characters and a expressive drawing, the art style is unique. Nanao has grown up but he still is him, egoistic and childlike in someway like any diva star and Sawa has his shit together now. The pace and time skips are balanced too. Thank you for bring this story, I want more, I wish this was lincensed here once tanko is out…

Omg thank you for the sweet message and taking the time to send it to us<3 (wth I wrote a longer reply but tumblr just deleted it… well then writing it again):
We’ve seen a lot of positive responses for the last chapter so I’m happy people seem satisfied with it! I think the last page really conveyed how he’s changed for the better, while still keeping his personality ^^

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@anon, if you want us to answer that question you’ll have to either message us off anon, or email us at [email protected] It’s not something we think is appropriate to talk about in “public” ^^’

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Good day! Thank you for those great works! So im starting my tumblr blog which is dedicated to manga translation, and im really confused with how to make a manga-tumblr-blog like yours! I mean, could you please show me how to :1. Create a individual tumblr page like this of yours [entwinedtrees,tumblr,com/i33] 2. How to post multiple images at once? AND 3. How to have the comment section powered by disqus? I know this is too much but i really want my blog to be like yours!Thanks so much!

Hi! Happy to hear you like our reader!

I was into tumblr theme making years ago, so I coded our reader from scratch. It’s kinda rly messily done because it was just a day I needed smt to dedicate an hour or two to coughs lazy so it’s not advanced coding or anything. I’ve been too lazy preoccupied to update it into anything fancier since then…

Creating a page isn’t much different to a tumblr theme! One sample base code for pages is this:

<html xmlns=“” xml:lang=“en” lang=“en”>
<link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“{Favicon}”>
CSS here
HTML here

You just input whatever html and css u need to make a reader. In my case I just slapped on some titles and links and hella lotsa IMG html for the images. This may not make any sense if ur not familiar w html tho so… Look up lotsa “html tumblr theme guide”s, they’re all over tumblr if you google a bit! I’m afraid I don’t really know what else I can do for you… But it is possible to make a reader out of very basic beginner-y html coding ^^ Disqus codes are on their site!

If you give up on HTML then there is a site called mangadex that’s basically an online reader site scanlators use. You have less control but it’s better than nothing… There’s also uploading the chap as a PDF on google drive that works fine as a reader~

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