hi, thanks for all the hard work! i hope this doesn’t come across as annoying, but are you by any chance still working on ten ten shiro shiro? this manga just haunts me, and i have so many questions when it comes to it. i wonder how the story ends.

No worries, and yup! In Japan TTSS is released once every 6 months. Our schedule on it is pretty loose, sometimes we may post it earlier and sometime around the “real” schedules time. TTSS is being worked on rn, so it’ll be included in this rotation ^^ 

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@shelbanuadh @megumi-ji This would be purely supplementary (and 100% optional) to our regular posting on Tumblr, not replace it ^^

@gwkimmy I do sometimes, sometimes not… I stopped once I noticed it’s what online reader sites use to keep track of us, and it at least took a few days for them if we didn’t use it, but then some ass decided to start posting it for us << so now I just add it if i feel like it, it’s gonna be added super fast anyways…

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Discord updates interest check

I’ve been mulling over how to send chapter notifications the past few weeks (both ets and sss), and came to the conclusion that discord may actually be the best way. I’ve been working on creating one the past few days…

So the pros would be easy for me (email takes s o much effort), and you’d be able to talk about the recent chapter with others who read it too if that’s of interest… (altho it will be a chapter/series focused discord, not off-topic chats).

The con would be that to be notified, you need to have either the discord computer program or the phone app. You can mute everything else so it’s just chapter updates, but the program or app is needed to get them in the first place, so a bit more inconvenient for users than email. But you would get a lil red dot on there every time we’ve updated a chapter, which is a lot better than nothing, I think!

No point in doing it if nobody is interested tho, so please leave a like on this post if you think you’d use it! ^^ 

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Hi, how are you? I was wondering… I thought for some reason that the 5th volume of Itoshi no Nekokke was the last one but in mangaupdates says it’s ongoing so there will be a 6th one or the next will be a sort of spin-off, sequel.. sorry I’m confused :/ If you can enlight me it will be great. Thanks for the excellent work you do. 😘

Hi, we’re good! Honestly we don’t know, since we’re not keeping track of the current releases. We’re doing the specials rn, which was released after vol 5. But since the stories in them are related to pre-vol. 5, we decided to go with them first. Once we’re working on vol. 5 we’ll get more up to date on it’s status :’) But yeah, the latest thing nekokke was released in dec 2017, one of the specials! There haven’t been any new nekokke chaps since they started releasing the specials.

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Thanks so much for scanlating Syundei’s work!! I can’t wait for more Onborobachi and I’m sad that I won’t get to read the rest of Gesshou Koran until next year, because it’s so good! I understand your reasons though. Anyways thanks so much!

Np! Think of it like this, this way people get to support Syundei while reading it in english, as well as have something to anticipate for the future! So it’s not all bad even if waiting is a lil painful ^^

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I just wanted to thank you guys for translating Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru. I’m in absolute awe in how poetic yet simple it is. It’s also so endearingly sweet. In theme it reminds me a lot of Yozora no Sumikko de, except that manga went more metaphorical while this one is a little more literal. Anyways, thank you again!

I love Yozora no Sumikko de as well! It’s really good. I personally love stories that relate to the stars so Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru honestly checks all the points I look for in BL.
Thank you so much for your message~

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