Entwined trees is looking for 2 new Quality Checkers! (English proofreaders)

If you’re really good at English and got some time over to help us with proofing, please use this test to apply~

Please contact us either through tumblr, discord, or email at [email protected]

Note!! that we never know how many people interested we’re gonna get, so it’s possible you won’t join despite putting time into doing the test! you can however still use it as an example to apply to other groups, if that’s the case! 🙏

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Itoshi no Nekokke Ch. 34

We’re finally (unfortunately) starting on the very last volume of Itoshi no Nekokke! There will be a one chapter special after this volume as well, but this is the beginning of the end ppl 😭 Enjoy tho~

Rating: R-18

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Boys-Love Authors Discuss the Impact of LGBT Awareness on BL

Recently an article was made about BL where Akiko Mizoguchi, Haruko Kumota, & Sawa Sakura participated. It’s quite interesting!

“It appears that rising LGBT acceptance in Japan has decreased the stigma associated with reading BL, especially for men. (…)  When she was publishing Rakugo Shinju, she encountered a lot of people who said that they don’t read BL, but now she finds that more people, both gay and straight, read BL.”

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Mihanada Pectolite by Nayuta Nago Ch. 1

New project!! We’re happy to finally be able to bring you this. First chap is 40 pages of goodness & it’s going to be 5 chapters in total, with an extra!
The tanko for this is already out, you can buy it here! (it has international shipping!)

Let us know what you thought!

Chapter rating: Fluff
Summary: Top students Kawase and  Kurihara have been locked in an intense rivalry since the start of high school, unbeknownst to Kawase. No matter how hard Kurihara studies, he can’t seem to take the top spot. Kawase, taken aback by Kurihara’s hostile and self-damaging behavior, becomes determined to help him in any way he can.

You can download it here,
or read it online here!

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3 Ban Sen no Campanella Ch. 3


Here’s 3ban chap 3! We hope you enjoy~ We’re speeding up the releases of this one. We decided we’re gonna put extra focus on 3ban for a while to churn out its releases faster, so enjoy and look forward to the next chap soon~

You can download it here,
or read it online here.

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Tumblr down!

Our tumblr is going down at a very rapid pace rn, reader is already unavailable, it’s dash-only… For now…
So, any reader links under this post is unavailable! Please go to Projects > on-going for working ones. I’ve updated them to mangadex for now, until we’ve made a new reader… aa…

Edit* We’ve made a new reader! All posts above this post will have reader links like usual.

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Tumblrs new policy

So… Since Tumblr sucks we’ve considered moving and well… Tbh I hate wordpress so much, so fuck it. We’ll move there as a last resort.

We really recommend joining our discord server!

in case our blog goes poof. We’re marked so I’m expecting someone to manually check our blog sooner or later… Here’s the invite link! (You’ll get a PM with instructions on how to join).

If our blog gets deleted we may release chapters on discord only until we’ve come up with a solution/new site.

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