We’re sad to say we’re taking away Mugi no Wakusei from our future list since it’s been picked up by snowflower-scans​! But good news is that you can still read their version & I’m sure it’ll be just as enjoyable! You can find it here: 

 We love Torino Shino & this series, so we really recommend it if you enjoy the stuff we usually release! We’re really sad to see it go but, the timing is too unfortunate for us to be able to offer a collab, so it’s just what happens sometimes ? Let’s hope she releases more great mangas in the future that we can pick up instead! ?

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First streaming video!

When we posted the latest sweet side chapter I was supposed to link it, but I ofc totally forgot, but here it is! Very very late!

Find the video here
(you gotta click the lil expand thingy in the top-right corner of the video to get it to become bigger)

Some important notes: When we record it’s mostly gonna be for teaching purposes, HOWEVER in this case you shouldn’t do most of what I do… At all…

This video contains me typesetting & proofing sweet side. Normally you do one or the other, so it gets a bit weird. And my former mouse was broken so I couldn’t copy the text very well (typesetter tip: copy the text p l s)
AND this is a mid-proof. Usually it goes like this:
Translation > JP proof > mid-proof > proper proof by 2 people. (yes we go through the text with 5 people! we love quality!)
So mid-proof is only really for tone, flow, punctuation… and stuff. Not grammar or… whatever ppl good at English do. So don’t hit me because the Eng isn’t perfect… And you probably shouldn’t ref this if you’re in a group where proofing doesn’t work like this.
(I’m a great teacher ik)

Future streaming vids will be put on the chapter posts themselves, like this should have been~

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