Onborobachi Ch. 2

Surprise~! We finished itoshi and onborobachi at the same time, so here’s onborobachi ch.2 as well! Enjoy!

I would like to advertise that pre-orders are now up on Syundei’s other manga “Go for it, Nakamura!” on Amazon. It’s in English! You can pre-order it here~ It’s one of our favourites, so it is well worth the buy if you like fluffy comedies 🙂

You can download the chap here,

or read it online here~

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Picking up Utsusemi ni Akari!

Thanks to cleaners & a translator offering to help us with this and/or Nojiko projects we’re able to pick up Utsusemi ni Akari as well! ^^ This manga is adapted from Kurayami ni Strobe, one of my personal favourites!

However!!! this is NOT a manga that updates often in Japan. There has only been 2.5 chapters released since 2015. So please, for our sanity, don’t ask when this is getting updated… We have 0 control over it ^^’ You can download the preceeding chapter & specials here, as well as Kurayami ni Strobe here!

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Yoake ni Furu, Ch. 7


A shoutout to the entire team for being able to make this happen so quickly!!! With this we’re picking up Yoake ni Furu, and while it may not be the most… chipper… place to start off, we’re very excited to work on this project!

For new readers, this is a slice of life with some drama. It follows Daiki, who have a (seemingly) unrequited crush on Shouta, who he’s known from childhood. The prequel is about Shouta’s dad & his love story.

We’re picking this up from chapter 7. So to read the previous chapters, wonderfully done by Acme, you can download them on their site here (scroll down a bit). Likewise for the prequel Yozora no Sumikko de, about his dad, here (furthest down).

As a fair warning for this chapter, it has some unpleasant themes. So if you fear your reaction might be harmful, then we suggest you stop reading when it gets near that point.

You can download it here,

or read it online here~

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Picking up Yoake ni Furu!

Yoake ni Furu by Hayakawa Nojiko has officially been dropped, so we’ve picked it up! ^^ This works out well for us with timing as Asterisk is ending & we’ve expanded the group recently =) This will be a high priority project. It’s currently ongoing, with 6.5 chapters out in English. (We have yet to decide how we’ll do about former chapters.) Look forward to it!

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Happy Holidays from us at ETS! And enjoy this Nekokke picture from twitter. Here’s the GIF version

Please look forward to our upcoming releases~

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Ten Ten Shiro Shiro Ch. 2


Here’s finally TTSS chapter two! Enjoy~

Warning: Subtle R-18 (sexual abuse) at the beginning of the chapter, nothing too graphic but it’s clear what is happening.

You can download it here,

or read it online here!

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Onborobachi by Syundei Ch. 1


We’re super excited to bring you a new project, Onborobachi by Syundei! This is a very new manga that just started being published in jp magazines 🙂 Extra shoutout to our cleaner @madamesyaoi for doing such a great job with the redraws this chap! **

Let us know what you think!

Summary: The accidental meeting on that rainy day started everything… Koutarou keeps running into his old classmate from elementary school, Kaneo. Upon being ignored the first few times, Kaneo finally tells him to never talk to him again. What will happen between the two?

You can download it here,

or read it online here.

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