Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru Ch 6.5

Well that concludes Hoshi Dake ga Shitteru.

We hope that you enjoyed Sora and Kengo’s story as much as we did. We love Furuya Nagisa a lot so let’s hope that she’ll make some more stories in the future~

And download it here,
or read it online here~

We’ve created a download archive, here’s all of Hoshi, in case you want to batch download it all!

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Kimi to Ishin Denshin! by Yamano Deko Ch. 1

It’s been held up at typesetting for 5 years (oops) but we’re finally ready to post this new project!! Important note is that this is pure pure p u r e condensed hell, in every stage of getting it from JP to ENG… So how quickslow we can get this out will probably vary a bit!

Summary: High school student Saika has psychic abilities, and is constantly tormented by people’s thoughts. However, after he makes a friend, who happens to be in love with him, he finds it’s not all that bad.

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Onborobachi Ch. 2

Surprise~! We finished itoshi and onborobachi at the same time, so here’s onborobachi ch.2 as well! Enjoy!

I would like to advertise that pre-orders are now up on Syundei’s other manga “Go for it, Nakamura!” on Amazon. It’s in English! You can pre-order it here~ It’s one of our favourites, so it is well worth the buy if you like fluffy comedies 🙂

You can download the chap here,

or read it online here~

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