Kimi to Ishin Denshin! by Yamano Deko Ch. 1

It’s been held up at typesetting for 5 years (oops) but we’re finally ready to post this new project!! Important note is that this is pure pure p u r e condensed hell, in every stage of getting it from JP to ENG… So how quickslow we can get this out will probably vary a bit!

Summary: High school student Saika has psychic abilities, and is constantly tormented by people’s thoughts. However, after he makes a friend, who happens to be in love with him, he finds it’s not all that bad.

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Onborobachi Ch. 2

Surprise~! We finished itoshi and onborobachi at the same time, so here’s onborobachi ch.2 as well! Enjoy!

I would like to advertise that pre-orders are now up on Syundei’s other manga “Go for it, Nakamura!” on Amazon. It’s in English! You can pre-order it here~ It’s one of our favourites, so it is well worth the buy if you like fluffy comedies 🙂

You can download the chap here,

or read it online here~

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Picking up Utsusemi ni Akari!

Thanks to cleaners & a translator offering to help us with this and/or Nojiko projects we’re able to pick up Utsusemi ni Akari as well! ^^ This manga is adapted from Kurayami ni Strobe, one of my personal favourites!

However!!! this is NOT a manga that updates often in Japan. There has only been 2.5 chapters released since 2015. So please, for our sanity, don’t ask when this is getting updated… We have 0 control over it ^^’ You can download the preceeding chapter & specials here, as well as Kurayami ni Strobe here!

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