Hoshi month!

Wanted to let you guys know that we’ve been focusing all of february (and will some of march) to get hoshi done (named hoshi february…), so after gesshoku we’re going to start posting hoshi until completion. Look forward to it~!

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Picking up Utsusemi ni Akari!

Thanks to cleaners & a translator offering to help us with this and/or Nojiko projects we’re able to pick up Utsusemi ni Akari as well! ^^ This manga is adapted from Kurayami ni Strobe, one of my personal favourites!

However!!! this is NOT a manga that updates often in Japan. There has only been 2.5 chapters released since 2015. So please, for our sanity, don’t ask when this is getting updated… We have 0 control over it ^^’ You can download the preceeding chapter & specials here, as well as Kurayami ni Strobe here!

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Picking up Yoake ni Furu!

Yoake ni Furu by Hayakawa Nojiko has officially been dropped, so we’ve picked it up! ^^ This works out well for us with timing as Asterisk is ending & we’ve expanded the group recently =) This will be a high priority project. It’s currently ongoing, with 6.5 chapters out in English. (We have yet to decide how we’ll do about former chapters.) Look forward to it!

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In light of wanting to expand on other manga, we decided to open up a separate scan group from the Kii Kanna one~

Currently we’ll only be working on Itoshi no Nekokke, but in time we’ll pick up more titles. This won’t be a BL specific group (even though it’ll prob be mostly BL), we might also pick up a josei or GL in the future. We’ll focus on good manga and won’t restrict ourselves.

Since we’re newly created and sparse on members we’re recruiting a Japanese Proofreader, Editor and a Quality Checker. If you’d like to apply or know more about a position just send a message~

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