We really need cleaners!

Since we’re really, really in need of cleaners rn we don’t require former experience. So anyone who wanna learn how to do it is free to message us about it o /
Teaching is a lot of investment, so it’s important that these doesn’t sound bothersome: Cleaning takes a lot of time! In it’s nature, cleaning takes time, even with our system where you can always cancel or decline a project. It’s not an hour per chapter… It’s also very repetitive work. If any of these two bothers you cleaning is not for you!
When I clean it’s more like getting cozy with music and working in photoshop for a few hours at a time…

If you’re interested please message us via email: [email protected] or message me (nai) on discord!

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New recruitment page! We’re looking for more people to join!

We’re now also looking for cleaners! (We got enough people asking to typeset, thank you and welcome to new members!). we want to fully expand the group. We have lots of cute manga we wanna get to doing (look at that boooy), but we’re currently at max capacity…
If you’re interested you can email us at [email protected] or send an ask/IM here on tumblr! Or even contact us through discord~

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We’re picking up Bokura no Shokutaku! Its an adorable series with a kid aND cooking!! I hope yall are as excited as we are!!! (Edit* Yes, we have talked with hoshi about it~)

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We want to increase the amount of projects we can do at one time, so we decided to recruit in, well, everything… So! We’re looking for a lot more people to join our team. Below there’s what we’re looking for as well as a description.

Experience/knowledge is not needed (other than for cleaning), but either way you’ll either have to do a test to show where you’re at or send in a sample of previous work. Please be aware that no matter what you apply for doing this takes time. While we don’t ask of anyone to work on something they don’t have the time/effort for, you have to join with the expectation that it’s not just 10 minutes of work for a chapter…

JP proofreaders

Checks over what our translators struggled with. Has to be JLPT2 or higher! No need for perfect English.

ENG proofreaders

Need to be fluent in the English language. Good w grammar and finding mistakes. Also good at reconstructing sentences to make them flow better.


Previous experience OR enough editing knowledge to know you’re good at it required! (Sad to say it takes too much time so we can’t teach newbies).


Typesetters will get their typesets heavily edited to make all chapters look exactly the same as all our other stuff (so for consistency reasons). Pls don’t apply if you’re not comfortable with that!

You can either apply through messaging here, on discord (DM nai or karen), or email [email protected] ^^

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We made a discord server!
Invite: https://discord.gg/zpUnmus

This server is optional, and won’t change how we post on tumblr. Since emails are a hassle & people showed interest in this, we’re going with this instead ^^

  • Get notified whenever we post a chapter or make an annoucement. You can mute everything else and just have this update feature.
  • Chat with other readers. We’ve set up 4 different text channels for readers to converse in.
  • Participate in polls & get extra info. When something is really big we post it on the blogs, but this way we can also notify on smaller things, like an artist going on a break for two months or perhaps some future plans. We can also hold polls on smaller matters.

Discord is either a computer program or a phone app, so use whichever your preferred way of getting notified is~

As you enter, a bot will message you with instructions on how to proceed.

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Gesshoku Kitan Licensed + Coming March 19, 2019!

Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed Gesshoku Kitan in English! For both a physical and digital copy. That means we’re immediately dropping it. We’ve removed it from our site and we urge you to please not spread it if you have it.

We will be keeping you all posted on when it’s up for pre-order and when it’s available to purchase, so you can have the continuation! ^^

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Hoshi month!

Wanted to let you guys know that we’ve been focusing all of february (and will some of march) to get hoshi done (named hoshi february…), so after gesshoku we’re going to start posting hoshi until completion. Look forward to it~!

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Picking up Utsusemi ni Akari!

Thanks to cleaners & a translator offering to help us with this and/or Nojiko projects we’re able to pick up Utsusemi ni Akari as well! ^^ This manga is adapted from Kurayami ni Strobe, one of my personal favourites!

However!!! this is NOT a manga that updates often in Japan. There has only been 2.5 chapters released since 2015. So please, for our sanity, don’t ask when this is getting updated… We have 0 control over it ^^’ You can download the preceeding chapter & specials here, as well as Kurayami ni Strobe here!

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Picking up Yoake ni Furu!

Yoake ni Furu by Hayakawa Nojiko has officially been dropped, so we’ve picked it up! ^^ This works out well for us with timing as Asterisk is ending & we’ve expanded the group recently =) This will be a high priority project. It’s currently ongoing, with 6.5 chapters out in English. (We have yet to decide how we’ll do about former chapters.) Look forward to it!

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