Cat rescue, help needed!

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Hi guys, here we go again with rescuing cats! 😂 I’m trying to help a whole villages homeless cats by giving them vet care and making sure they’re fed and taken care of until I’m able to adopt them out. I’ve named the whole project “Sunshine strays”, since one of the senior strays likes to sunbathe 🙂

The cat you see on the picture is the very first cat I helped rescue from this village, about a month ago. He was severely injured and only had a few days left to live… He had to stay overnight at the veterinarians as it was… really bad. I managed to save his life and now I’m trying to help his friends! There’s some that appear sick and need pretty urgent care. 

If you could contribute anything at all to saving these cats lives, I would be really grateful! I’m going to be dedicating a lot of my free time to these little lives, but without help it’s going to be too slow to make any substancial change… If you’re unable to donate, sharing will also help out a lot ❤️

Since cats aren’t really related at all to what we do here, I didn’t expect much that one time we tried to get help through here with a sick cat… But the scan community was really amazing and showed a lot of kindness, so much so that we managed to save that cats life through only raising money within the community. You guys are already amazing ❤️

You can follow the projects instagram for frequent updates here.
You can read more about the project on my website here.
You can also donate directly via paypal here, thank you so much! ❤️ 

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Kimi no Kao ga Suki da (Lovin’ your face) Ch. 1

Here’s chapter 1 of Lovin’ your face! This lovely manga is done by Kingyobachi Deme! We hope you like this new series! 
The volume is currently sold out on CDjapan, but we will let you know when/if it’s back in the future!
This series is a short one, around 3 chapters! 

Summary: Can you fall in love with someone by looking at them? Chikawa is a high-school art student who likes staring at Naozumi. He can’t look away. He even gets teased for spending his free time in art class drawing Naozumi’s face. One afternoon, Naozumi agrees to model for Chikawa on an art piece. Together in the quiet space of the art room, Chikawa begins to wonder. If you’re always looking at someone, does that mean you can see them for who they truly are? 
Rating: Fluff

You can download the first chapter here,
or read it online here~

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Ten Ten Shiro Shiro Ch. 9

We’ve officially caught up with the Japanese releases of ten ten! This chap is huge, and throws you for quite the plot twist loop (more so than usual!), so I hope everyone enjoys it! let us know what you’re thinking with this chap~

Warning: this might cause you a little stress

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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Kimi to Ishin Denshin Extra (END)

We’ve finally completed the hardest project we’ve ever done! The sweetness from these absolute dorks made it all worth it. I really hope you’ve all enjoyed this series! If you have, please consider buying the volume to support the artist, she definetely deserves every last purchase. You can find it here with international shipping!

Rating: R-18 almost the whole chap

You can download it here,
or read it online here~
OR download the entire volume here.

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A tiny update

I know things have been slow on releases lately. Corona has hit our members in different ways & it’s a very mixed bag right now on how much working capacity the group is at right now. But things are slowly picking up again 🙂

These are the covers of our next projects! Starting with these we’re switching up our release system, which hopefully will be very nice for our readers. We will now release chapters of a series one after the other, with some series like Nekokke breaking it off every now and then. This means you’ll get to read the series from start to finish in a matter of months, instead of our usual a year-ish! ? It will cut waiting time down by a lot. This also means we’ll only have 3 projects running at the same time. That will be our ongoing series + a completed (in JP) one, so right now that would be Nekokke, Ten ten, and 1 that will keep changing ❤

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We’re sad to say we’re taking away Mugi no Wakusei from our future list since it’s been picked up by snowflower-scans​! But good news is that you can still read their version & I’m sure it’ll be just as enjoyable! You can find it here: 

 We love Torino Shino & this series, so we really recommend it if you enjoy the stuff we usually release! We’re really sad to see it go but, the timing is too unfortunate for us to be able to offer a collab, so it’s just what happens sometimes ? Let’s hope she releases more great mangas in the future that we can pick up instead! ?

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Itoshi no Nekokke Ch. 37

Here’s finally an update to Nekokke!
Most likely due to covid nobody was sent to fix the internet cables in my neighborhood, so all our releases were suspended for 2-3 weeks. But it’s back now så they’ll go back to our usual schedule~ /nai

Rating: You may only view this if you’re old enough to do taxes

You can download it here,
or read it online here~

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