Ai to Hanaji Ch. 5 (Onaji Hikari wo Mitai to Negaeba Ch. 3 – END)

And now Ai (or rather Onaji) has also come to an end… This was our first project of the year, so it’s kinda fun it finished so close to the end of the year!
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You can download the chapter here,
or you can read it online here.
Ooor you can download the entire volume here!

I feel like I should make an announcement that I (nai) have gone into a busy period now where I won’t have time for much scan stuff, which will most likely impact the release schedule quite a bit. Every chap goes through me at least twice, so not being able to work on them like before will naturally change things a bit (I might be able to marathon chapters when I do have time but we’ll have to see…) We’re gonna try to work around this as much as possible though!

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  1. Undo

    Hand-holding panel! So lewd! (●ˇ∀ˇ●)
    Thank you so much for completing series, I really appreciate it. Please do take your time on working things out. φ(゜▽゜*)♪

  2. Maddy06

    Thank you very much for the hard work !

  3. maute50

    Thank you very much for your continued hard work to complete this wonderful series, I’m really happy to read!

  4. H.B.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work!

  5. gwendelp

    Thank you for this book. good luck with your stuff ! scanlation takes a lot of time !! real life is important of course !!

  6. iwakikatou

    Thank you so much! Congrats on completing this project! *hugs*

  7. mizuqueen

    thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated.

  8. Xi Jie

    Thank you for completing this story! Good luck IRL!

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