A tiny update

I know things have been slow on releases lately. Corona has hit our members in different ways & it’s a very mixed bag right now on how much working capacity the group is at right now. But things are slowly picking up again 🙂

These are the covers of our next projects! Starting with these we’re switching up our release system, which hopefully will be very nice for our readers. We will now release chapters of a series one after the other, with some series like Nekokke breaking it off every now and then. This means you’ll get to read the series from start to finish in a matter of months, instead of our usual a year-ish! ? It will cut waiting time down by a lot. This also means we’ll only have 3 projects running at the same time. That will be our ongoing series + a completed (in JP) one, so right now that would be Nekokke, Ten ten, and 1 that will keep changing ❤

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  1. DoYa_Girl

    Thanks for your hard work! i’m looking forward to your new release

  2. iwakikatou

    I so look forward to these! Thank you so much for your hard work, and I hope you all are safe and healthy! *hugs*

  3. phyrigia

    thank you so much for all the hardwork!

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