3 Ban Sen no Campanella Ch. 6 (END)

Ahhhh this is the final chapter of 3ban! This series was so beautiful… Thank you guys for following along during the year we’ve been working on this ❤️

Please consider buying the volume if you like it, and want to see more stuff like this! You can buy it internationally here.

We added the cover to the first chapter as well~

You can read it online here,
and you can download it here.
Or you can download the entire series here!

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  1. Maddy06

    Thank you so much for the hard work completing this series !

  2. Maddy06

    Thank you so much for completing this series ! <3<3<3

  3. picklelot

    Thank you for completing this amazing series!! One of my faves :))

  4. mizuqueen

    thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated.

  5. iwakikatou

    Thank you so much! Congrats on completing this project too!!! *hugs*

  6. gwendelp

    thank you

  7. maute50

    Thank you very much for your continued hard work to complete, I’m really happy to read!!

  8. H.B.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and for completing this project!

  9. hadas772

    thank you so much for completing this manga!!! it is such a wonderful and unique manga. I loved it and enjoyed it very much!! thank you for all of your hard work, it is much appreciated! 🙂

  10. deamon01

    Thank you very much for all the great and hard work! <3

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